Woman practising mindfulness 07/04/2022
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Stress Busters You Can Try This Stress Awareness Month

Stress is now recognised as one of the great public health challenges of our time, but the impact of stress on our overall health and wellbeing is often overlooked. Did you know, that in addition to contributing to mental health problems like anxiety and depression, stress is also linked to a number of physical health problems – including heart problems, sleep troubles, and problems with the immune and digestive systems? Signs of Stress Long term stress is linked to many physical symptoms.  These physical symptoms of stress can include: Tiredness... Read More

sleep 08/03/2022

10 Steps To A Good Night’s Sleep

As we approach World Sleep Day, you may be asking, why is sleep important? In this blog we are going to have a look at why sleep matters, how sleep affects mental health and some easy steps we can take to help us all sleep better. For some people, there is a perception that not needing to sleep indicates that we are strong, successful, and dealing with stress. There are blogs which actively encourage people to spend less time in bed, and more time living.  However, this approach could lead... Read More