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Inside all of us, we have a ‘microbiome’, a small but incredibly complex ecosystem, which is made up of millions of good bacteria that calls our body home. Currently, there is a lot of ongoing research dedicated to the investigation of the microbiome and how it impacts our health and well-being. It has been suggested that the microbiome may influence our digestion, immunity, mood and behaviour, and that we cannot be healthy without our microbiomes. Explore our range of natural good bacteria supplements designed to support health using complementary nutrients. For more supplements to support your well-being, shop our multi-vitamins and minerals ranges. 

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Latest articles relating to Microbiome

Gut Bacteria & Immune System

Did you know: The gut contains cells that form 70% of our immune system, so the health of your gut has a huge impact on the health of the rest of your body. And what keeps the gut healthy? Your good bacteria!

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The Role of The Microbiome

There are over 1000 distinct species living with the Microbiome, and each can have an impact on our health. The balance of the bacteria within our Microbiome may not only affect digestion and elimination, it has also been suggested to impact brain health, mood and skin.

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The Microbiome & The Skin

While the relationship between the gut and the brain is often described as the gut-brain axis,  this idea is taken a step further with the concept of the gut-brain-skin axis, which identifies how gut health and skin problems are interlinked.  

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The Microbiome & Mental Wellbeing

How does the gut affect the brain? Over the past few decades, there has been a lot of research into answering this question and bettering our understanding of gut-brain communication – also known as the gut-brain axis. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Microbiome?

The term ‘Microbiome’ is used to describe the collective 100 trillion bacteria which make their home in our gut. There are over 1000 different species living within the Microbiome, and each may have an impact on our health.  In fact, many scientists now believe it is not possible to be a healthy human without healthy gut flora.

I’ve heard that good bacteria always require refrigeration, is this true?

Not at all! Modern, sophisticated freeze-drying techniques help to ensure that good bacteria supplements can remain stable at room temperature.  All the bacteria chosen for Natures Aid Microbiome range have proven stability at 27 degrees for at least 24 months.  


Can good bacteria survive in the gut?

Good bacteria must be able to survive the rigours of the digestive tract if they are to be of benefit to the person who is taking them.  They must also be able to effectively colonise the gut.

All the good bacteria chosen for the Natures Aid Microbiome range have been submitted to rigorous testing and have shown the ability to survive gastric acid and bile for over three hours. They have also been subject to human clinical trials and have proven colonisation of the Microbiome after oral supplementation.


Can good bacteria supplements be Vegan?

Yes! Whilst many probiotic products on the market may contain dairy or animal produce, it is now possible to purchase products which are manufactured using human or plant-sourced bacterial strains.  

All products within the Natures Aid Microbiome range have achieved Vegan Society registration, for your complete peace of mind. This means we have proven that the strains chosen have not been sourced from, or cultured in, dairy or another animal-sourced medium.   We have also demonstrated that the product has not been tested on animals.