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lockdown fatigue 30/04/2021

How to Fight Lockdown Fatigue

As I write this, the sun has appeared for the first time in days, lifting my mood. However, this most recent lockdown in the UK over the winter months has been tough on our mental wellbeing. Huge numbers of people are reporting an increase in lockdown fatigue, stress and anxiety. In this blog, we will look at why the lockdown has been tough on our mental health and what we can do to help ourselves through periods of stress and anxiety. What’s Causing Lockdown Fatigue? After the first lockdown in... Read More

What is IBS, different types of IBS 12/04/2021

IBS Support: The Different Types of IBS

What Is IBS? IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is a common diagnosis and has a broad spectrum of symptoms. For this reason, health professionals divide IBS into three sub-categories to help focus treatment more effectively. The different types of IBS are: IBS-C – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, where the main bowel symptom is constipation. IBS-D – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, where the main bowel symptom is diarrhoea. IBS-M – Irritable Bowel Syndrome with a mixed bowel symptom – most often alternating between constipation and diarrhoea. It is important to note... Read More

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An Introduction to the Microbiome

What is the Gut Microbiome? Hippocrates said: “All disease begins in the gut”. Modern-day research appears to be showing just how right he was. However, it is not the health of the gut itself that has such an impact – but rather the 100 trillion bacteria that make their home there, forming what is often referred to as ‘the microbiome.’ Bacteria get a lot of bad press. We’re encouraged to use anti-bacterial solutions and to regard all bacteria as ‘germs’, and therefore the enemy. But whilst there are bad bacteria,... Read More

iron for kids 23/03/2021

Iron For Kids: All You Need to Know

Why Is Iron Important For Children?  Iron is an essential nutrient; most people are aware that it is required to form healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body. Iron also plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy immune system and reducing tiredness and fatigue. One of the most important roles it plays in children is supporting healthy cognitive (mental) development. If your little one does not get enough iron in their diet, their mental development could be adversely affected, especially if they develop anaemia – a... Read More

probiotics for kids, childrens probiotics 08/03/2021
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Probiotics for Kids

When do children need probiotics? In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits of probiotics for kids and why a supplement can support their diet. What Is A Probiotic?  Firstly, let’s look at what a probiotic is. ‘Probiotic’ means beneficial living organism. In this instance, we are talking about beneficial bacteria helping to support health and wellbeing. Every human gut contains a world of bacteria, known as the microbiome. This microbiome, when we are adults, is home to over 100 trillion bacteria.  To repay us for giving them somewhere safe... Read More

veganuary, vitamins for vegans 26/01/2021

Veganuary: Vegan Supplements & Dietary Advice

The interest in going vegan for a month each year during January -–now known as Veganuary – has grown year on year.  As Veganuary 2021 gets underway, we take a look at how to go vegan, and the main differences between a vegan diet and a vegetarian one.   What’s The Difference Between Vegan And Vegetarian Diets? Sometimes the difference between vegan and vegetarian diets can be confusing, but there is a clear distinction between the two. A vegetarian diet excludes meat and fish, whereas a vegan diet is much more... Read More

What Vitamins Should I Take 22/12/2020

What Vitamins Should I Take?

In 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reviewed the nutritional status of a broad cross-section of society and found that the following groups could be at risk of nutritional deficiencies:  People who eat less than NINE servings of fruit and vegetables per day People whose diet does not include wholegrain, low-fat dairy AND small servings of lean meat, poultry or fish, every day. People on a low-calorie diet (less than 1200 per day) People who are Vegetarian or Vegan People who are lactose intolerant People with food... Read More

zinc benefits, benefits of zinc 12/11/2020

Top 10 Zinc Benefits

Zinc is a mineral with many different vital roles to play in your body. But why is zinc good for you exactly? This blog looks at all the various benefits of zinc, its role in our health and when you may benefit from a zinc supplement.  What Is Zinc? First, let’s look at zinc facts. Zinc is a trace mineral – the second most abundant in your body after iron. It plays many different roles in your body but seems to be particularly important in: Fertility and Reproduction Immune Health... Read More

benefits of MCT oil, what is MCT oil? 15/10/2020

What is MCT Oil?

You may have heard of MCT oil, particularly in relation to the keto diet. But what is MCT oil exactly, and what are its benefits? Today I will try and present the low-down and give you all you need to know about MCT oil and the role it plays in ketosis. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides – it is a type of fat which is low in our diets, and which has had a lot of interest in recent years.  MCT oil can be produced from coconuts or palm... Read More