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Back to School: Immune Health

As we head towards September and the ‘back to school’ campaigns have started for real, it is time to point out that this means that cold and flu season could also be imminent. WHY SEPTEMBER BRINGS BACK BUGS In September, raring to go after six weeks at home, we deliver our children back to school. In these enclosed spaces, with warm rooms, and – lets face it – largely unwashed hands, germs have the perfect breading ground. Immune systems are challenged, and slowly but surely the infections start. Most commonly... Read More

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Natural ways to support your teen through exam season

EXAM SEASON! A trying time for parents – and of course for teenagers, who feel the pressure to perform and achieve. I remember well the worries and revision, anxiety and brain freeze, and I am now watching my own daughter go through the same. For this reason, I have decided to share my thoughts on the natural ways we can help and support our teens through this demanding time. • ENCOURAGE THEM TO TAKE A BREAK: Generally, my daughter doesn’t need that much encouragement to stop revising – she is more... Read More