Childrens Immune Health

In my previous blog I talked about the best ways to support your immune system this cold and flu season – this time, it’s all about the kids! Below, I discuss what you can do to support their immune function and help keep them healthy this winter. As I said at the beginning of my previous blog, cold and flu season tends to start mid-September – just after the children have gone back to school. The indoor environment, central heating and close contact make schools the perfect breeding ground for... Read More

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Christmas: The Most Stressful Time Of The Year?

THE STRESSFUL SEASON? What are the biggest causes of stress and anxiety over the holiday season? According to a survey carried out in 2015, the biggest issue over the festive season is money – with as many as 47% of us being worried about finances.  The other big concerns are: Over-eating and lack of exercise (16% of people) Anxiety about being able to choose the right gift (15% of people) Worry about the planning involved with the big day (12% of people). All this seems to back up a commonly... Read More


Eat, Drink & Be Merry: Top Tips for Christmas Over-Indulgence

Last week I had a look at the ways I try and stay calm in the often-chaotic run up to the festive season. This week I am going to have a quick look at the best ways to eat, drink and be merry – hopefully without paying the price for it! EATING RICH FOODS & AVOIDING INDIGESTION One thing most of us are guilty of at this time of year is eating a lot of extra and rich food, which we would not usually consume – and then being surprised when... Read More

3 Rules for a Calmer Christmas

It may be the ‘most wonderful time of year’ but for many people Christmas is far from joyful, so I want to share my techniques for avoiding the frazzled nerves and stresses which can accompany this time of year. The other night I had a dream that I awoke on Christmas morning to the realisation that I had forgotten to buy my daughter a single gift! Because we have such busy lives, my brain is worrying about forgetting important things. So, to try and prevent any stress, I knew I... Read More


Stay Healthy This Summer: Travel & Festival Essentials

It’s that time of year again – we’re all on the move! Either heading off on holiday, or off to enjoy some mud and music at one of the many festivals around the Country. Read on for my top tips on how to stay healthy no matter what you’re doing with your summer. MANAGE MOSQUITOES AND MIDGES Whether in a festival field, or enjoying a break in the sun, midges and mosquitoes can be a real pain – especially if, like myself, you’re a really tempting treat for these biting... Read More


Milk Thistle: Celebration Without Consequence?

We all know the too-familiar symptoms that come as a result of overindulgence in food and drink at this time of year. But, is there anything we can do to help to relieve those symptoms, leaving us potentially free to celebrate without the consequences? The obvious, but very unpopular answer, would be to avoid overindulging in food or drink in the first place… Of course, for many, this is simply not an option! The other answer could lie in a traditional herbal remedy, known as milk thistle. THE HISTORY OF... Read More

Holiday bugs and bites prevention

In my previous blog post on holiday health, I talked about taking good bacteria supplements to help prevent holiday tummy. In this blog I will continue along the same theme, looking at ways to prevent other holiday bug problems. HEALTHY FLYING As soon as we sit on an aeroplane, my husband turns off the air vents that are blowing at us – I think if he could sit there holding his breath throughout the flight, he would! The air circulation system is the perfect way to ensure that if one... Read More