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Latest News

  • Holiday bugs and bites prevention

    Following on from last week's holiday health blog, where we talked about good bacteria supplements to help prevent holiday tummy, nutritionist Jenny Logan looks ways to prevent other holiday bug problems - including tips for healthy flying, and dealing with biting beasties!

    Posted on 18/07/2018
  • Holiday Tummy prevention

    Holiday time can be wonderful, a time rest and relax, spend time with family and for many an opportunity to see a different part of the world. Travel however, does bring with it some drawbacks, including holiday tummy, insect bites, and coughs and colds which fly around the plane.

    Posted on 04/07/2018
  • The Menopause & Bone Health

    During and after the menopause women are encouraged to look after their bones. This is because oestrogen is intimately involved in the building and protection of healthy bone tissue. Falling oestrogen during the perimenopause and menopause has been directly linked to the development of osteoporosis or brittle bone disease. In this blog, Jenny Logan looks at pre-emptive steps women can take during menopause and perimenopause to try and protect their bones.

    Posted on 20/06/2018