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  • HRT: The risks & benefits

    This #WorldMenopauseDay, nutritionist Jenny Logan explores the risks and benefits associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy - more commonly known as HRT.

    Posted on 18/10/2018
  • Work/life balance: The importance of mindfulness

    Life is hectic and stressful. Everyone is so busy and faces so many pressures. But it is important to try and create a sense of a good balance between work and life - to try and manage stress - because otherwise, we can start to struggle with anxiety, low mood and memory problems. This #WorkLifeWeek, nutritionist Jenny Logan explores some simple things you can do to feel more relaxed, in control and balanced.

    Posted on 05/10/2018
  • 6 key nutrients to support eye health

    We should all take the best possible care of our eyes. Losing your vision can be a scary process, and something which most people fear, so this week nutritionist Jenny Logan looks at 6 key ingredients which are thought to care for your eyes and protect your vision.

    Posted on 18/09/2018