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  • Men's Health Month: Sexual Health

    In the final blog of her men's health series, nutritionist Jenny Logan takes a closer look at why men need to pay attention to their zinc levels. She then explores the additional supplements which could offer support to those worried about the health of their prostate or fertility.

    Posted on 20/06/2019
  • Men's Health Month: Mental Health

    According to statistics, 84 men take their own life every week. Not seeking help for issues such as stress, anxiety and depression is a major risk factor.Nutritionist Jenny Logan continues her blog series on Men's Health, turning this week to Mental Wellbeing.

    Posted on 14/06/2019
  • Mens Health Month: Heart Health

    This Men’s Health Month, Jenny Logan will be sharing a number of blogs dedicated to the ways all of us can look after our health, to try and ensure a better quality of life. Starting this week, with heart health.

    Posted on 03/06/2019