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Latest News

  • Teen Health: Supporting them through exam time

    So far in her Teen Health series, nutritionist Jenny Logan has explored ways to help support skin health, and the use of B vitamins to try and increase energy and reduce mood swings. In this final blog of the series, she looks at something very relevant to this time of year – supporting your teen through exams!

    Posted on 17/04/2018
  • Teen Health: Supporting low energy & mood swings

    During the teenage years the body is growing and developing, changing all the time. This demands a massive amount of energy. At the same time, we are asking our teens to work hard at school and achieve good grades – it is no wonder that they can turn into tired and possibly moody people! In this blog, nutritionist Jenny Logan explores ways to support those who are struggling with low energy and mood swings.

    Posted on 10/04/2018
  • Teen Health: Supplements to support acne and stretch marks

    "I remember all too vividly from my own teenage years the angst, the mood swings, the anxiety and the skin problems – so, in the next few blogs, I am going to have a look at various aspects of teenage health and the natural products which could be helpful. This week, I'm tackling teen acne and stretch marks." - Jenny Logan

    Posted on 03/04/2018