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In some of my blog posts, I report on stories from my clinical work – detailing my client’s experiences (with their knowledge and consent) using certain supplements for certain complaints. These stories are not to claim that everyone will gain the same benefit, but rather to share my experiences with people who are interested in the field of alternative health.

This week I want to look at my experiences using Sea Buckthorn Oil – a source of Omega 7 – for people struggling with Dry Eye conditions.


Dry Eye is a condition which most commonly occurs in menopausal and post-menopausal women – although it can appear in women at any age, and in men as well. Dry Eye is generally caused by a reduction in the lubricating oils which are meant to keep the membranes around the eye moist.

As this lubrication reduces, the body tries to compensate – by producing more tears to help moisten the membrane. However, this is like trying to moisturise dry skin with water rather than oils or a cream – fairly ineffective. This means that the tears are produced more and more as the body tries and fails to keep the eye lubricated. The end result is dry, and possibly sore, eyes which are also almost constantly runny.


The oil which is thought to be most prevalent in the lubrication of the membrane around the eye is Omega 7. Therefore, it is hypothesised that supplementing with Omega 7 should help to boost the levels of oils around the eye, and in turn help to reduce the symptoms of Dry Eye.


The first person I used Omega 7 with was my mum – my long-suffering family are often used as I experiment with new products! My poor mum had been struggling greatly with constantly running tears, meaning she could not go anywhere without a hanky and wearing eye makeup had become impossible.

She was dubious when I first suggested trying Sea Buckthorn Oil (a good source of Omega 7). However, after taking the Omega 7 for one month, my mum no longer carried a hanky everywhere and was able to wear make up properly again! 2 years down the line, she no longer takes the supplement nor does she have any problems with dry eyes.

Another client I had, a gentleman to whom I had suggested Sea Buckthorn Oil, told me that his eyes had been sore for years before trying the Omega 7.

A third client mentioned to me on her repeat visit that not only had Sea Buckthorn Oil helped with her dry eye, she thought it may also have helped with some vaginal dryness and soreness she had been experiencing!

This was not surprising, as the same oils which lubricate the eye are also meant to be helpful for lubricating the membranes around the vagina – meaning that Omega 7 should be helpful for vaginal dryness in post-menopausal women, in addition being beneficial for dry eye.

Written By Jenny Logan DNMed. (Jenny is a Nutritional Therapist who has worked with clients in Health Foods Stores and Private Clinics for over 20 years.)

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