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At Natures Aid, we are proud to present our Mini Drops range of vitamin drops for kids. Designed for newborn babies through to children aged up to 5 years, the Mini Drops range is manufactured from naturally sourced ingredients, contains no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, with no artificial flavourings or colours. During their first years, children have a very high nutritional demand and our Mini Drops range of supplements have been formulated to give nutritional support, through supplements including, vitamin C, D and omega 3. If you are interested in supplements for children ages 6+, explore our Kidz range today.

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Latest articles relating to Mini Drops

The Importance of Vitamin D in Childhood

17th November 2017

In recent years, one supplement in particular has gained a vast amount of interest and research – that supplement is Vitamin D.

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Omega 3 For Children

8th March 2019

Childhood is a major period of brain growth and development: The period from birth to two years is a primary growth phase, with additional spurts of development at around two years, between seven and nine years, and then again during mid-adolescence.

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Back to School: Immune Health

19th August 2019

In September, raring to go after six weeks at home, we deliver our children back to school. In these enclosed spaces, with warm rooms, and – lets face it – largely unwashed hands, germs have the perfect breading ground. Immune systems are challenged, and slowly but surely the infections start. Most commonly tummy bugs, followed by colds and coughs.

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The Argument For Children’s Supplements

16th November 2017

Parents are often told that a child will get everything they need from a healthy balanced diet, but this is an ideal grounded to two, often unrealistic, assumptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are supplements necessary for children?

As children grow it is important for them to get enough vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal health and growth.  Nutrients such as Vitamin D and Calcium support the development of bones and teeth; Iron, Zinc & DHA support brain development; Vitamin C supports the development of red blood cells and a healthy immune system; B Vitamins support the nervous system and energy products.

Won’t my child get all the nutrients they need from their diet?

Many health experts claim that a child will gain everything they need in terms of nutrition as long as they are eating a healthy and balanced diet.  However, this diet must include a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein (including oily fish).  Any child who is a picky eater, or who is avoiding one of these food groups, could end up short of certain nutrients.  

Whilst there should be no suggestion that supplements make up for a less than perfect diet, they do help to provide a proven bridge between what our children would eat in an ideal world, and what they actually WILL eat.


What are the most popular children’s supplements?

Popular options include multivitamin and mineral formulations, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega-3 fish oils and immune support formulations. 


Why are Natures Aid children’s supplements offered as a liquid?

We believe liquids are the ideal solution for younger children, as they carry no choking hazard and cannot be mistaken for sweets – helping to negate the risk of accidental overdose.  They are also easy to add to any manner of food or drink, which is particularly useful when dealing with a fussy child!