Microbiome Range

Inside all of us, we have a ‘microbiome’, a small but incredibly complex ecosystem, which is made up of millions of good bacteria that calls our body home. Currently, there is a lot of ongoing research dedicated to the investigation of the microbiome and how it impacts our health and well-being. It has been suggested to influence our digestion, immunity, mood and behaviour, and so we cannot be healthy without our microbiomes. Explore our range of natural good bacteria supplements designed to support health using complementary nutrients. For more supplements to support your well-being, shop our vitamins and minerals ranges.

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Did you know that it is not possible to be a healthy human being without a healthy microbiome? This is why it is important to take care of our bacteria with natural good bacteria supplements available from Natures Aid. We are proud to produce a range of complexes which combine specifically chosen bacteria strains with nutrients to support health.

Natural Good Bacteria

Inside each of us, there are millions of bacteria which call our body home – the internal world these organisms form is commonly referred to as ‘The Microbiome’. The human microbiome is a small, but incredibly complex, ecosystem, containing hundreds of different competing and co-existing species. In fact, our own cells are outnumbered 10-1 by the plethora of cells and microbes which live in us and on us. There is currently a huge amount of ongoing research dedicated to the investigation of the Microbiome and the multitude of ways it may impact our health and wellbeing – including influence on our digestion, immunity, mood and behaviour.

Good Bacteria Supplements 

Shop our full collection of natural good bacteria supplements today and find supplements filled with good bacteria to support your health. All of our products at Natures Aid are manufactured to GMP and with 100% naturally sourced ingredients. Explore our range of vitamins and amino acids also available.