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Meet the Team

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  • Tim Gaunt

    Director of Technical Sales

    Beta Glucans Immune Support + - “Cold & flu season is always hard on the immune system, and this product is a great natural way to help keep it fighting fit. There is good deal of research indicating the success of beta glucans in supporting the immune system – particularly the 1,3/1,6 form used in this product.”

  • Chris Morrey

    General Manager

    Coconut Oil Liquid - “Coconut Oil is said to have a variety of important benefits, making it a healthier option than other cooking oils. It’s surprisingly versatile, and I use it often in cooking, baking and frying.”

  • David Sole

    Director of Operations

    Pro-30 Max - “We’re constantly learning more and more about the importance of looking after our gut and microbiome. I love Pro-30 Max, it is a great all-round good bacteria supplement for daily support, providing 30 billion live cultures to help support and strengthen that microbiome.”

  • Gordon Blackwood

    Warehouse Manager

    Active Man - “I know that this product is one of our best sellers. Many people may be embarrassed to ask about supplements like this, but I think it is important for men to discuss these issues and the products that might help them.”

  • Hazel Cutler

    Company Accountant

    L-Lysine - “I often use this product in the winter, as I believe it helps keep cold sores at bay - which used to be the bane of my life!”

  • Dave Hughes

    Operations Manager

    Vitamin D3 Liquid - “We all know it’s important to top up on Vitamin D, especially in the winter months. Our D3 Liquid could not be easier to take – an effortless way to maintain good levels of this important vitamin. And it’s Vegan too!”

  • Tracey Joyce

    Customer Care Manager

    DHA (Omega-3) Mini Drops for Infants and Children - "I love our Mini Drops range because, unlike many children’s products, they are free from additives and completely sugar free! The natural lemon flavour of our DHA drops creates an easy way to get important Omega oils into my grandson’s diet."

  • Jenny Logan

    Technical Training Manager

    Pro Derma - “The Probiotics range was one of the first projects I was involved in at Natures Aid – and something I’m hugely proud of. Pro-Derma is a truly unique product and, as someone who has suffered with skin issues, one I would use myself.”

  • Yasmin Mannan

    Senior QA/QC Analyst

    EchinEeze - “I reach for EchinEeze at the first sign of a cold. It fights symptoms and helps me feel better sooner. I have heard that Echinacea also helps pick up the immune system, preventing further infections.”

  • Darren Partington

    International Sales Manager

    Serrapeptase - “This product is incredibly popular among my customers, and I love hearing Serrapeptase success stories. In my opinion, the research behind this enzyme – especially with regards to inflammation - is fascinating.”